I’ve been watching a number of Bitcoin documentaries and movies as of late. I figured that since I was investing the time to watch the movies, I may as well provide a review. As I complete each review, you’ll be able to navigate to them by clicking “My Take” in the table below.

Interestingly enough, Netflix does not (as of June 2017) have a single Bitcoin title available. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video has at least 11 documentaries and one feature film on the topic.

Rank Name My Take
1 Banking on Bitcoin Shrem is a stoner; hands caught in cookie jar
2 Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It Money has an interesting past and future
3 The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Don’t be fooled by temporary profit-taking
4 Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution We are unsecured creditors to our banks
5 The Bitcoin Story Anarchists, crooks, and cheapskates
6 Deep Web The government crushed Ross Ulbricht