At the end of TSF Pitch Day Spring 2013, Chris Heivly announced that TSF is rebranding and that moving forward it will be know as …wait for it …TSF.

Amazing, isn’t it? :-)

All kidding aside, it is a testament to the evolution of this new accelerator that the Triangle Startup Factory has evolved into THE Startup Factory. The acronym still holds, but the accelerator has outgrown it’s geography.

In the Fall 2012 class, one of the five portfolio companies (Alekto) was from Washington, DC. In the Spring 2013 class, two of the five portfolio companies were from outside the Triangle. One was from Washington, DC and the other was from New York.

Chris Heivly explained it well when he said that rebranding by dropping the word, “Triangle”, was a move toward ensuring that TSF attracted the best startups and the best investors from across the country, if not the globe. But rest assured that TSF isn’t moving anywhere. It’s going to stay put, right in downtown Durham.