Why can you find me in the gym nearly every day of the week?

Like most guys, I want to look good. On the one hand, I can admit, it is pure vanity. On the other hand, it really is about being healthy and achieving longevity. Putting in work now will ensure that I maximize my quality of life in the later years.

This is why I took up bodybuilding, or weight training or whatever you want to call it, in the first place. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a professional. I have no intentions of getting on stage (in a speedo) and competing with anyone. This is something that I do for me.

Training Wheels

After years of trying to grow my legs yielding only marginal results, one tip from Rich Piana changed everything.

Rich delivers two major tips in the Training Wheels video

  1. Be sure to squat full range of motion (which I already learned from Poliquin)
  2. Don’t rest at the top

I’ve ALWAYS rested at the top. No wonder I wasn’t seeing results that I was looking for. Heavy squats hurt. They don’t just hurt your legs, they hurt your soul. Resting at the top was my way of intermittently relieving the stress on my CNS (central nervous system) to allow me to carry forward with the next rep. The problem is, the stress on the muscle is actually what is requried to promote growth. So ultimately, I had been working against myself.

Fighting Genes

Genetically speaking, my parents blessed me with “the gift and the curse” (obligatory Jay Z reference). As more of an ectomorph with a super-high metabolism, it is fairly difficult for me to put on weight. So I am naturally a skinny kid. This is great if you want to be a runway model. …not so much, when you are walking up and down South Beach.

Aside from the high metabolism, my genetic makeup seems to be schizophrenic. My upperbody and glutes seem to be wired for size; which has allowed me to achieve impressive gains in those areas. My quads, hams, and calfs got the short end of the genetic stick, though.

I’ve tried a number of different things, for years, and was unable to achieve any substantial growth in my legs. I was becoming fearful that I was forever doomed to have chicken legs. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Rich. …thank you.